Enteral Feeding Sets

Enteral feeding pump sets are sets with reservoirs/bags to be used with feeding pumps. Some feeding bags do not require the use of a pump; nutrients flow with gravity, hence they have the name, gravity feeding bags/reservoirs.
Feeding sets are used for delivery of enteral nutrition, fluids and drug administration and can be found in various configurations like spike tip, bottle cap connection or models with attached bags/reservoirs.

Feeding Set Types
• Gravity sets are mostly utilized when a feeding pump is not available. These are designed only to be used with feeding tubes.
• Spike-tipped Sets, have a spike at the distal edge of the set which will penetrate the bag filled with the nutrient and can be used with programmable feeding pumps.
• Sets with bottle-cap connection will allow the set to be screwed on the nutrient bottle, without the need of an additional bag, and can be used with programmable feeding pumps.
• Sets with bags; this type has a reservoir bag which can be filled with nutrient and then can be used with a programmable feeding pump.
• Hydration pump sets; these sets have two seperate reservoir bags where one is used for nutrient while the other is for fluid delivery. These are also utilized with programmable pump sets.

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